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Oak Mobile Hanging lamp - LED light - Chandelier - TASSO CUB

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The TASSO suspension is a luminous wooden mobile, combining LED technology with the magic of balance. The 4 light oak slats conceal unsuspected light sources - LEDs embedded in each slat / indirect lighting. A veritable aerial sculpture, with its magical balance and remarkable breadth, the TASSO suspension comes to life in the breeze, and is sure to become the centerpiece of your interior. It is available in 5 color options, to suit any contemporary or cosy ambience, and comes in two versions, dimmable and non-dimmable. The dimmable version is three times more powerful.

Non Dimmable version - Luminous intensity: 1100 Lumens
Dimmable version - Luminous intensity: 3000 Lumens

Color temperature: 2700K (warm)
Service life, 50,000 hours (approx. 19 years with 7h/day, 365 days/year use)
Not compatible with wall-mounted dimmers
Height of first wire adjustable from 10 to 70 cm
Minimum height: 50cm
Maximum height: 110cm
Max. span: 156cm
Slat lengths: 57, 72, 82, 92cm
White case dimensions: 20.2×8.2×3.6cm

Delays : 5 working days


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