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Composable Graphics Table TABELO-01


These graphic boards, in matte lacquered metal, are totally composable by you to create a unique work of Art!
Here's how it works: the four graphic shapes are magnetized, so they can be moved and arranged as you wish on the background.
You'll be free to express your inspiration, and create your own contemporary work of art - a piece that's uniquely yours! And best of all, you can change it whenever you like, according to your inspiration.
Our pictures can be hung vertically or horizontally on the wall, or placed on a desk, shelf or sideboard, thanks to their removable feet that support the picture.
Our pictures are available in two color families: a first family with a light background, and a second family with a more contrasting black background.
They can be taken individually or multiplied to create an exceptional graphic gallery. They're sure to find a special place in your home, adding a deliberately artistic and poetic dimension.

Colors: Black-Twine-Rust-Blue-Oxide
Dimensions: 25×20.5×1 cm
Net weight: 0.650kg
Materials: Matte lacquered steel, Magnets

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